Wood Fence

Wood Fences in the Hudson Valley, NY area

A wood fence defines a wonderful outdoor space for you and your family. It provides privacy and security, protecting your family and pets creating a timeless and traditional look. It also acts as a sound barrier and blocks out unwanted noise and will add value to you home. We offer a complete line of custom white cedar, red cedar, pressure treated, premium spruce and locust materials. Our western red cedar is known for its rich and vibrant grain, and our white cedar has very smooth texture. Our wood products have many heights and styles to choose from. These wood products come in good neighbor designs, tongue and groove, solid shaped panels, picket, post and rail, post caps, posts, toppers, gates, arbors, pergolas and lattice. Whether you want privacy, semi privacy or picket fence all of these options are available and more. Check out the Eastern White Cedar link on our homepage to get more information about our wood products or click on the link below.

Advantages of Custom Wood Fences:

  • Beautiful natural look
  • Tongue & groove
  • Easily installed
  • Matching hardware for the finishing touch
  • Matching gates
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Stained or painted
  • Weathers naturally maintaining its look for decades
  • Lightweight strong and durable
  • Custom design your own look
  • Neighbor friendly styles
  • Environmentally natural material